With COVID-19 officially designated a pandemic by the WHO in March 2020, the Govt. of India launched an unprecedented response, ordering a complete nationwide lockdown to control the transmission of the virus. With offices closed, the employees suddenly found themselves forced to work from home.


With the lockdown in effect, the company was plunged into an exceptionally challenging situation and largely uncharted waters with reference to security. They needed to quickly enable teams of employees working from home and facilitate secure and compliant remote access to their core IT systems.


Block Armour swiftly deployed its Zero Trust security based Remote Access solution remotely to allow employees to securely access the company’s IT system from home. It enabled secure RDP access to user desktops within the corporate LAN from authenticated and authorized remote users and devices.

The Results

The Block Armour Remote Access solution, based on its award-winning Secure Shield architecture, allowed the company to provide secure and compliant remote access for all employees, get back into business and tide over the crisis – all with minimal changes to their existing IT environment.