The Challenge

Our client, a reputed international consultancy, helps organizations with employee-related compliance and teams were accustomed to working from office premises only. The company is ISO 27001:2013 compliant, and places lot of emphasis on using standard and secure tools and processes mandated by their global customers.

When the Indian government announced a lockdown to handle the Covid-19 crisis, the company was completely unprepared for a transition from an in-office environment to remote working. As a result, the company found itself in an exceptionally challenging situation and completely uncharted waters in matters of providing secure and compliant access to employees working from home. Also, the people and systems are distributed across various locations, so secure access to applications outside the enterprise perimeter was a challenge.

As there was no time to change the IT environment, the ask from our client was very clear and concise. They needed a solution that was easy to deploy with minimal changes to the existing IT infrastructure and the way employees worked.

Major Concerns

Inability to make changes to the IT environment due to sudden lockdown

• Lack of hardware that could be scaled up without much notice

• Legacy VPN solution which could not cater to the demands of a dynamic, distributed environment

• Lack of a solution that allows secure access to applications for teams working from home

• Lack of proper security measures on personal devices

• Inability to control access on devices

• High risk of malware and ransomware attacks, and therefore high risk of viruses and trojans spreading via VPN

• To be able to comply with ISO 27001:2013 international cyber security standard and maintain their certified status

The Solutions


Block Armour implemented its Secure Shield product providing secure remote access to the organization’s employees enabling access to organization applications. The solution is robustly designed using Zero Trust, Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture, and Blockchain technology. The Remote Access solution provides maximum security for enterprise systems and cloud servers by making them invisible to prevent malicious attacks at the same time facilitating secured communication channel to access the applications. The solution also ensured holistic security by providing user and device authentication and encrypting user-server communication.


Block Armour rapidly deployed its Remote Access solution to allow the employees to access the company’s systems securely and efficiently from home. Maximum security was enforced although users were accessing corporate applications remotely through RDP. For an organization who had always used in-office access to business applications for their workforce, Block Armour helped in a smooth transition to secure, compliant application-based access for employees when working from home.