Zero Trust security for connected devices and IoT infrastructure; 
powered by SDP and Blockchain technology

IOT Armour

A next-gen military-grade security system to protect critical infrastructure and connected devices in the Internet of Things

Smarter, faster and ready to scale for tomorrow’s networks

Cryptographically secure
digital identity

for users, connected devices and central servers/ services
Invisible & locked down
critical systems

with micro-segmentation and fine-grain access control
Best-in-class military-grade encryption

For secured access to connected devices and IoT communication
Immutable &

stored securely on the Blockchain for instant access/ analysis

IoT Security: A growing challenge

The Internet of Things connects numerous everyday devices, opening up previously closed systems to remote access & control. Smart, connected devices are now an integral part of our lives, in business and at home. Be it Smart Cities with sensors and digital management systems for energy, utilities, transportation, etc, or smart homes and offices with a host of connected and smart devices, connected cars, UAVs or even Industrial control systems.

The IoT market is expected to grow to an install base of 30.7 billion devices by 2020 and 75.4 billion by 2025. However, the rapidly growing world of perpetually-connected smart devices presents proportionally large security risks. Existing security solutions are unable to keep pace, scale up and address the security challenges facing the emerging IoT world.


About IOT Armour

IOT Armour, a next-gen security solution designed explicitly for connected devices and critical infrastructure. The platform leverages digital signature based identity and authentication for humans, machines and data; securing connected devices and tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure. IOT Armour delivers an enhanced Software-Defined Perimeter using private permissioned Blockchain and Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology.

IOT Armour harnesses private Blockchain-based digital signatures to identify, authenticate and authorize the connected devices. It thereby comprehensively secures the core IoT systems, the devices themselves as well as the IoT communications network.

The Solution

Securing smart cities, smart mobility and more

IOT Armour leverages digital signature based identity and authentication for humans, machines and data; tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure and 

securing connected devices in the Internet of Things. The decentralized architecture ensures there's no single point of failure while providing 

robust, scalable and highly-resilient system for large scale distributed IoT networks.


Building Blocks



  • Decentralization
  • Cryptographic encryption
  • Immutability
  • Consensus-based control

Software Defined
Perimeter (SDP)

  • Render devices invisible to attackers
  • Military grade architecture
  • Developed at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

IOT Agent

  • Quick customization
  • Fortification & invisibility
  • Nano-client
  • Two factor authentication

Transport Layer Security

  • A cryptographic protocol
  • Privacy and security during communication over a network
  • Public and private key encryption



IoT for All

Block Armour announces a Blockchain enabled Zero Trust Cybersecurity solution for IoT

Zero Trust cybersecurity 

for IoT

Powered by SDP and Blockchain technology

IoT Armour

Cybersecurity for the Space Age