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ABI Research | December, 2017

Hot Tech Innovators: Blockchain Based Cybersecurity

This Hot Tech Innovators report covers 15 innovative startups in the blockchain space that offer a cybersecurity-focused solution, for both consumers and enterprise.  Blockchain’s foundation on cryptography makes it an interesting technology for new cybersecurity applications as well as cryptocurrency and IoT.

Your Story | 28 Dec, 2017

Meet the 9 cyber security startups that showcased their innovative product ideas at AISS

NASSCOM’s Data Security Council of India (DSCI) chose 9 startups for the Most Innovative Product of the Year at the Annual Information Security Summit 2017 to provide impetus to budding security product companies.

Deccan Herald | 14 Dec, 2017

Airbus BizLab Bengaluru starts third season with six finalist start-ups

Airbus BizLab launched the third season of its acceleration programme by shortlisting six startups. The programme is designed not only for aerospace start-ups but also encourages ones with innovative, new-age solutions that can be adapted for the aviation sector. This includes data analytics, AI, factories of the future, smart energy, cybersecurity, supply chain/blockchain, space tech, urban air mobility etc. The lab received 140 applications from seven countries.

BizLab | 12 December, 2017

Airbus BizLab Bengaluru starts third season with six finalist start-ups

Airbus BizLab in Bengaluru has launched the third season of its acceleration program. Out of 140 applications from seven countries, six shortlisted start-ups will form the third group of the BizLab program

Medium | 13 Nov, 2017

Block chain Business models & use cases in India

Just like HTTP is the foundation for sharing data (Text, Voice & Video) on the world wide web, Blockchain can be the foundation for sharing value. It is a ledger system to track transactions and transfer value.

jaxenter | 18 October, 2017

Blockchain technology aptly lends itself to cybersecurity endeavors

We’ve been talking about the advantages blockchain brings to the finance industry but how about cybersecurity? Blockchain is revolutionizing multiple industries including cybersecurity but one question lingers: *how* can this technology help fight cyber attacks? We talked with Floyd DCosta, co-founder at Block Armour about the role the technology behind Bitcoin plays in blocking (if possible) cyber attacks.

IT ProPortal | 11 August, 2017

Harnessing blockchain technology for digital transformation

If the 19th century was the era of the Industrial Revolution, the 21st century will go down in history for the being the era of the Digital Revolution.

sdx Central | 4 August, 2017

Top Security Startups to Watch in 2017

In recent months a flurry of security startups have emerged from stealth mode (would you expect anything less?) and unveiled new products that use the latest technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain to prevent - and predict - attacks.

The Cybersecurity Place | 27 July, 2017

An Introduction to Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is the mechanism of collecting actionable information on adversaries. This information consists of details on Threat Actors (APT Groups, Nation States, Hacktivists and other attackers), Threat Vectors (SPAM, Vulnerabilities, Exploit Kits, new hacking tools etc.), Indicators of Compromise (symptoms indicating a particular group or attack), and Actionable advice about the current prevalent threats.

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