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The worlds most advanced Software Defined Perimeter, Cybersecurity solution, powered by Blockchain technology.


CSO from IDG | July 31, 2018

The chase between cyber-crime and cyber-security: What are startups doing about it?

A distributed blockchain network could pool together computing resources to bolster cyber-security. Once the service is decentralized, it becomes harder to identify a vector that attackers can use to take down the network. A Mumbai-based startup, Block Armour, isolates critical infrastructure in the network and provides secure access for authorized users.

Dell Technologies | June 6, 2018

How Blockchain Technology Is Upending These Five Industries

According to a whitepaper by Deloitte on blockchain and cybersecurity, end-to-end encryption of data on a private blockchain may provide organizations with relatively high levels of protection when it comes to data confidentiality and access control. Mumbai-based Block Armour is one organization addressing this opportunity: It offers a product called Software Defined Perimeters, which blends private, permissioned blockchains with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Software-Defined Networks (SDN) technologies.

YOURSTORY.COM | May 7, 2018

8 cybersecurity startups to watch out for in 2018

Harnessing the potential of Blockchain and emerging technology, Mumbai-based Block Armour, launched in 2016, aims to disrupt cybersecurity. Blending cybersecurity insights, IT security best practices, and emerging technologies, Block Armour aims to provide a base for a new breed of identity management, data/information integrity, and IoT-related security solutions.

eSecurityPlanet | February 26, 2018

20 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in 2018

Block Armour leverages blockchain, SDP (software-defined perimeter) and transport layer security (TLS) technology to provide what the company calls a Blockchain Defined Perimeter (BDP), isolating critical infrastructure and providing secure access to authorized users and devices. 

ABI Research | December, 2017

Hot Tech Innovators: Blockchain Based Cybersecurity

This Hot Tech Innovators report covers 15 innovative startups in the blockchain space that offer a cybersecurity-focused solution, for both consumers and enterprise.  Blockchain’s foundation on cryptography makes it an interesting technology for new cybersecurity applications as well as cryptocurrency and IoT.

Your Story | 28 Dec, 2017

Meet the 9 cyber security startups that showcased their innovative product ideas at AISS

NASSCOM’s Data Security Council of India (DSCI) chose 9 startups for the Most Innovative Product of the Year at the Annual Information Security Summit 2017 to provide impetus to budding security product companies.

Deccan Herald | 14 Dec, 2017

Airbus BizLab Bengaluru starts third season with six finalist start-ups

Airbus BizLab launched the third season of its acceleration programme by shortlisting six startups. The programme is designed not only for aerospace start-ups but also encourages ones with innovative, new-age solutions that can be adapted for the aviation sector. This includes data analytics, AI, factories of the future, smart energy, cybersecurity, supply chain/blockchain, space tech, urban air mobility etc. The lab received 140 applications from seven countries.

BizLab | 12 December, 2017

Airbus BizLab Bengaluru starts third season with six finalist start-ups

Airbus BizLab in Bengaluru has launched the third season of its acceleration program. Out of 140 applications from seven countries, six shortlisted start-ups will form the third group of the BizLab program

Medium | 13 Nov, 2017

Block chain Business models & use cases in India

Just like HTTP is the foundation for sharing data (Text, Voice & Video) on the world wide web, Blockchain can be the foundation for sharing value. It is a ledger system to track transactions and transfer value.

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