The Worlds First Ever Holistic Cybersecurity Product
Using Blockchain Technology.


Block Armour’s solution ring fences the most critical servers and assets of an organization using a Software defined perimeter (designed and used by the US department of defense) powered by blockchain technology rendering them invisible and impenetrable for hackers. This Blockchain Defined Perimeter (BDP) not only provides cryptographically secure access for users to critical resources, but also maintains immutable logs of each and every transaction taking place within this network.

Such an architecture cannot be hacked as it cannot be seen by external hackers, and any suspicious activity by insiders or permitted devices will be immutably logged and stored in the blockchain-based solution’s records.

More importantly, the solution not only secures the server but also provides end to end security by enhancing the user authentication and encrypting the communication between the user and server, delivering a truly holistic cybersecurity solution to protect your systems from next-gen threats.



Phishing Resistant Authentication

Block Armour’s solution creates digital IDs on the blockchain – which are nearly impossible to spoof. Furthermore, it also leverages multi-factor authentication by assigning digital IDs not only to users but also to each device registered on the network. Only a combination of the authenticated user and device will be provided access to the data.


Invisible and Locked Down Critical Systems

Using a Blockchain-Defined Perimeter, Block Armour renders an enterprise’s most critical servers and resources invisible to external hackers. Only registered users and devices within the enterprise network will have knowledge of the existence of these protected resources, keeping them immune to external cyberthreats.


Zero Trust Model

An ever-widening enterprise perimeter needs a new perspective and a new way to secure it. Unlike a conventional enterprise network, where only IT function approved devices can access sensitive information, in the age of BYOD, mobility and IoT, there are an ever-increasing number of devices requiring access to the enterprise network, and not necessarily from within the organization. A Zero Trust Model, which Block Armour’s solution leverages, offers the benefits of scalability without compromising on network security.


Immutable and Tamper Proof Logs

Every transaction taking place within a blockchain is recorded and added to the logs. The blockchain-based identity and access management solution of Block Armour makes it impossible for hackers to enter the network and leave undetected. They can no longer hide their tracks or tamper with access logs to erase records or their unwarranted access.

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