The Secure Shield Platform

Advanced security for today's hybrid enterprise-IT environments

Secure Shield Platform

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The rapid adoption of Cloud technology, proliferation of IoT and a growing remote workforce has resulted in highly distributed and hybrid IT ecosystems. A rapidly transforming IT landscape and the growing number of cyberattacks post Covid-19 has necessitated a change in how organizations approach security. Traditional tools and approaches have been rendered ineffective in the new distributed and hybrid Digital environment.

Zero Trust

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Unlike many of today's point products, Block Armour’s Secure Shield architecture delivers holistic Zero Trust security for today’s hybrid and distributed IT environment. This powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture & private permissioned Blockchain technology.

Having evolved from the work done at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), SDP architecture renders application infrastructure effectively ‘invisible’. The SDP toolkit includes a controller with a policy engine which authenticates and authorizes all endpoints trying to access a particular infrastructure before fine-grained access to that application infrastructure is granted.

Blockchain technology is an immutable time-stamped series of records that is cryptographically secure, distributed and managed by a cluster of nodes. The three pillars of Blockchain technology – Decentralization, Transparency and Immutability – deliver a scalable, resilient and robust backend system along with a new breed of tools for digital identity, authentication and authorization of users as well as connected devices in today’s always-on always connected world.

Block Armour’s Zero Trust system, when delivered together using SDP architecture and Blockchain technology, is able to deliver fine-grained micro-segmented network access to business applications, irrespective of whether they are hosted on-premises or across one or multiple Clouds. The solution not only secures the server but also provides end to end security by enhancing the user authentication and encrypting the communication between the user and server, delivering a truly holistic cybersecurity solution to protect today's hybrid and distributed IT systems from next-gen threats.

Block Armour's technology is already helping clients secure hybrid, multi-Cloud environments and provide Zero Trust Network Access to IT-systems; enabling ‘assets everywhere’ and ‘access from anywhere’; and thus empowering seamless Digital Transformation. The platform also delivers an end-to-end Zero Trust security mesh for critical infrastructure, connected IoT devices, and associated communication networks; especially targeted at Smart City, Industry 4.0, and 5G related security.


Block Armour delivers a host of integrated cybersecurity solutions for today’s hybrid enterprise-IT environments based on the 'Secure Shield' Zero Trust security platform.