Unifed Secure Access

Secured Assets Everywhere and Secure Access from Anywhere

The rapid adoption of Cloud technology and employees working remotely has resulted in highly distributed and hybrid IT ecosystems. The vanishing enterprise perimeter now presents a whole new reality for network security. Cyberattacks are on the rise and legacy tools like VPNs are unable to deliver secure and compliant access for today’s modern enterprise-IT environments. Meanwhile, modern approaches like Zero Trust are swiftly becoming the preferred security paradigm for today's contemporary ‘Digital’ enterprise.

Block Armour Unified Secure Access solution provides secure and compliant access to enterprise-IT systems for users working within the office or remotely. The integrated solution - based on Zero Trust principles - delivers secured access to on-prem and Cloud / multi-Cloud based systems. The solution replaces four traditional point products - VPN, NAC, MFA and Cloud Firewall - while additionally delivering next-gen Zero Trust Network Access and Server Protection. The solution provides protection against malware / ransomware spreading to the corporate network. The comprehensive device posture check ensures access is only provided from trusted and compliant devices. The solution is easy to implement and requires minimal changes to the existing IT environment. It can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud. Block Armour’s Unified Secure Access simplifies the implementation of Zero Trust across the organization and empowers Cloud adoption while reducing the overall costs and complexity of providing secured access to users


Unified security controls for users from within and outside the network


Cybersecurity Mesh that enables secured 'assets everywhere’ and secure 'access from anywhere’


Simplify security management and compliance with various regulatory requirements

Block Armour’s Unified Secure Access solution combines Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture with blockchain-based Digital Identity to provide secure and compliant access to enterprise-IT systems for users working both within the office and remotely. The solution replaces several siloed traditional point products and delivers an integrated Cybersecurity Mesh; enabling secured 'assets everywhere’ and secure 'access from anywhere’. Furthermore, the solution also provides enhanced Server Protection and Zero Trust Network Access.

Based on Block Armour's Secure Shield architecture, Unified Secure Access helps organizations consolidate their cybersecurity investments even as the Zero Trust principles protect against next-generation cyberattacks. Our exemplary offerings secure critical applications, data, servers, and resources from malware and ransomware attacks. Utilizing blockchain-based digital identity and access management (IAM) for all users and devices, it offers superior protection, compliance, complete visibility into network activity, and immense flexibility for scaling up cybersecurity as your business expands in the future.

Legacy solutions like VPN and Remote Desktop (RDP) based access for remote working have several weaknesses that have been, and continue to be, repeatedly exploited by attackers. Ransomware attacks against organizations are one of the most common examples of such attacks. Block Armour's Unified Secure Access offers precision network access to users and devices accessing enterprise applications and servers. In addition to countering the vulnerability of a VPN-based approach, the solution also replaces the need for multiple point products to secure an enterprise network, such as Network Admission Control (NAC). The unified platform delivers the efficacy of NAC, VPN, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and Zero Trust Access, all in a comprehensive package, saving organizations significant deployment and maintenance costs. In addition, the benefits of securing the organization against next-gen cyberattacks also ensures significant cost advantages.

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