The only MFA built on Zero Trust principles.

Majority of breaches now originate with some form of credential compromise. Attackers have shifted focus to compromising user credentials as opposed to exploiting vulnerabilities or weaknesses in systems and applications.

With attackers constantly on the lookout for exploiting weaknesses, all it takes is one compromised credential to cause a data breach. This clearly underscores the need for a strong authentication mechanism. Also, these attacks don’t just target large enterprises and recent trends clearly point to an increase in attacks on small and medium businesses.
Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) blocks 99 percent of account compromise attacks making it extremely difficult for attackers to compromise credentials.
However, all MFA solutions are not the same. Organizations face the below challenges while implementing MFA solutions.
  1. Making code changes
  2. Lead time to integrate and test applications.
  3. Support for non-web or legacy applications.
  4. Single MFA solution across on-premise, cloud/multi-cloud applications.

To add to this, small and medium businesses have lean IT teams which do not have the bandwidth for implementing and managing such solutions.

Offered as a service, Block Armour’s UniAuth solution has the unique distinction of being a plug and play unified MFA solution. It can easily be deployed in a few hours and does not require changes in application code. The solution creates a unified authentication overlay across your IT ecosystem, irrespective of whether applications are hosted in a data center, cloud and/or multi-cloud environment.

The key benefits of the solution are:


Unified authentication for users logging in to on-premise, cloud and SAAS applications.

Unification of all your MFA needs irrespective of the application type or where it is deployed.


Device validation and binding

Access permitted only from authorized and compliant devices. Allows binding of user with specific devices.


Enforce Time-based restrictions

User access can be restricted based on time.


Enforce Geo-location based restrictions

Access to applications can be restricted from specific countries.


Device Posture Check

Choose from over 15 posture checks which can be evaluated on the device from which login has been requested, such as updated anti-virus, installed patches etc.


Block login requests from rogue devices

Login is permitted only from trusted devices. Requests from rogue devices are automatically blocked.


Extensible MFA

MFA capability can be extended for protecting access to SSH or RDP logins with the click of a button and without the need to deploy a separate radius server as well as other overheads caused due to integration challenges.


Application Anonymization

Create a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) to protect the application by rendering it invisible.


Integration support

  • Integration with LDAP/Active Directory/Azure AD
  • Integration with Microsoft and Google authenticator for One time password (OTP)
  • Integration with SIEM/Syslog for monitoring
  • SMS based OTP


Focus on your business growth

The solution is delivered as a service and fully managed by us, freeing up time for customer IT and security teams to focus on business priorities.

We provide a cost-effective, highly secure and user-friendly solution to cater to the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Check out our editions below and select the one that suits your requirements.